We’re playing Smite while talking UFC 163 with Jens Pulver tonight at 8:30cst/9:30est

I’ve been around DOTA, and over the last few weeks the viewers have told us to get into League of Legends with Jens, but we’ve been introduced to something new… Something really, really interesting and something really, really addictive: Smite.

Smite is a MOBA game where you select a god and then fight it out amongst your towers just like DOTA or LoL, but it plays quite a bit like WoW PVP. I’ve only been playing since Jens introduced me a few days ago, but now I’m addicted, and we are going to play TONIGHT! 

It’s also free to play, so you guys can join in. Smite, like any good game, is fairly easy to jump in, and difficult to master. You should totally click here to download the free client (it’s a little over 3 gigs) and then let’s get down on some mythical god action. It’s the only proper thing to do on a Friday night. I will turn it over to Dave Walsh, who is notoriously difficult to please in the realm of gaming. 

I like to consider myself a pretty normal dude outside of the fact that I write for a living and work out of a home office and interact with lots of crazy people. I guess that I’m not normal, really, but I guess I like to consider myself a dude of exquisite taste and I’m notoriously critical on lots of things. So of course I’m pretty rough on games, which can sometimes disappoint someone like Jason, like when he was all excited to play Mount and Blade with me and then I made fun of it and talked about how much it sucks.
So when he told me that he was going to be playing a new MOBA with Jens I did what I’d do for a small child that presents me with something completely disinteresting and said, “that’s nice” and moved along. For some reason, which is completely beyond me, I felt the need yesterday to download SMITE and join in with Jason and Jens while they were playing. The next thing I knew it was 3am my time (Mountain time, the most awkward time of all!) and Jens was laughing about how he needed to go to bed after we’d finally found our comfort zone with what characters suited us best.
Overall it was a really fun experience, where at first it was kind of rough trying to learn the characters and the pacing for the play style. I mean, look, I knew that I’d use a Tank or Bruiser character, but I kept kamikazee’ing looking for a kill instead of just hanging back after doing some damage and letting it sort itself out. Hell, I even dropped some money to buy a few new characters, as I wasn’t sure that I’d want to go on without being able to play online with Ares and his flamethrowing shield of doom.Dave Walsh

So get ready and let’s play tonight! Live stream incoming around 8:30 central.

Edit: Great night everyone! He’res the infinitely replaying… Replay. Just click below and watch us play five friggin’ hours of this game! 


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Looking back I’ll have a smoother stream for next time. Lots of kinks worked out tonight. Good stuff. Thanks again everyone.

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