We play Rust and kill a few people in their sleep

If you haven’t heard of Rust, it’s a weird combination of Day Z and Minecraft from the makers of Garry’s Mod. It’s unbelievably addicting, and and it also could be the most paranoia-inducing games I’ve ever played. You start out on ‘Rust Island’ with nothing but a rock, a torch and a couple bandages. From there, you can bash the skull of a wild pig, scrounge together some rocks, start a fire pit and cook some meat. That’s day one. From there, you can eventually gather lumber, metals and learn to craft intricate firearms from scratch. 

The real meat of the game comes from its base building. Eventually, you’ll rise to power enough on a server to either find some explosives, or learn how to make them. That’s when, if you so desire, you can raid other people’s homes. 

I’ve been raided before. It’s horrifying. I was sitting at home one night with my three buddies all nestled in our sleeping bags as our oven smelted some ore, then we saw flashlight beams sneak past our wooden walls, heard the click of explosives being placed, then fell into an action movie, a life or death shootout to defend our territory. 

It’s really awesome. I made a short video about me and a few friends raiding some random houses around our territory, then we almost get gunned down by a psychopath.


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