We need to kill some time, so let’s do a Grand Theft Auto marathon!

It’s been a good weekend thus far. An especially good weekend when you’re looking forward to Grand Theft Auto V, and the minutes are moving like molasses. Yes, I know time is relative, and can’t move like molasses. And how can time be construed like a physical element either? Unless, of course, you were to fill an hourglass with molasses. If I ruled the world, I would pull a power move, and say ‘Eff off standardized times! We run on molasses time, and you run off sand in an hourglass.” Brazil would run off acai juice and Los Angeles would be on Kombucha time. It would be fantastically confusing.

Bellator was last night, today we had Bamma, college football, Cage Warriors and K-1, and now we have a few hours to kill before World Series of Fighting and that one boxing match. Who is fighting again? Through all of this, the looming GTA V release hangs over us, so maybe it would be best to play a GTA marathon.

I have every GTA game on my PC, so I’m down to play them all, from GTA 1 to San Andreas to Ballad of Gay Tony. Tell me what we should play together (yes, we’re in this together) in the chat box or the comment section, we’ll be getting started momentarily.

Then we can all go off and watch Mayweather and Canelo do their thing.

Click below to get to the stream. We’re starting with San Andreas!

*Be back after the fights!

GTA IV online on PC now! Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant!

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