Here’s a sneak peak of the Halo Master Chief Collection live from MiddleEasyon

We are under lock and key for the most part on this Halo: Master Chief Collection stream, but don’t worry, we’re going to get through everything we’re legally allowed to show you. Master Chief’s entire tale is being (re)told in the Master Chief Collection, and at 60 FPS with plenty of visual upgrades, it’s one beautiful to look at story. 

We’re going to start with what we’re allowed to show you from Halo 1 then make our way through to Halo 4.

Update: We’ll be back for more later, bit for now, watch the first half of the stream (we need to go buy an extension cord).

<iframe id=”mlg_player_iframe_middleeasy” width=”890″ height=”501″ src=”[email protected]″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>


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