Watch this three-year-old girl defeat two invaders in Dark Souls 2

I remember playing video games as a three year old extremely clearly. I was playing Duck Hunt by pressing the light gun up against the screen, much like many three-year-old children do. As well as playing my father in Boxing Legends of The Ring on SNES, of course I’d play my father in Boxing Legends of The Ring. The thing is, he’d never tell me what to do in it. I knew how to jab, that’s it. My father on the other hand, would basically fight like Roberto Duran, walking forward and hitting me with everything in his arsenal. Leaving me bloody and unconscious.

Unlike my dad, this gentleman is much more supportive and helpful with his child and their video game abilities. Somehow someway, this 3-year-old girl, defeats TWO invaders in Dark Souls 2. Which kind of makes me feel awful for all the times I died when I got invaded, BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. Someone contact MLG and get this girl sponsored.


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