Watch This Lucky Guy Unbox His Steam Box

When there was talk of Valve releasing a Steam “console” there was a lot of groupthink into it being a console killer because, well, c’mon. Steam has really been growing in popularity over the years with them even reaching a crazy number of 7.14 million users online at the same time during this month. So let’s just say that there are a lot of people who use Steam now and a lot of people who would be interested in picking up a piece of inexpensive hardware from Valve that runs their special SteamOS version of Linux and comes with their own fancy controller.

If you were like me, you did your damnedest to try to get in on this beta, but the truth is, only 300 of those millions of users were going to be selected to receive a free beta console and to put it through the motions before Valve makes any sort of official release to the public. So Friday was the day and these 300 lucky gamers received their Steambox/Steam Machine and they came in what looks to be a rather awesome, wooden case. Oh Valve, you spoil them.

So check out this video of this lucky dude unboxing his Steam Box. If there ever was a dude who deserved a Steam Box beta it’d probably be this dude, as everything about the video is classic from the obligatory disembodied female voice chirping “it’s on” at the beginning to his attire of dad jeans, shiny white sneakers and an untucked button up, all the way to the thumbs up at the end of the video. I want to put this video in a vault for future generations to cherish.

All in all the Steam Box seems like a really cool idea, but if you already have your own gaming PC built I’m not sure that you’ll want to rush out and buy one, but we’ll see more on pricing and specs for the final builds soon, I suppose.

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