Watch this guy eat a habanero and attempt to review Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

George likes his chicken spicy. These words spoken by the intelligent and cunning George Costanza are words to live by. How can one man fit so much meaning into so few words — this is something the world may never truly know.

From that point on I’ve always loved Kung Pao Chicken. At first I had no clue what it is, but I knew I would eat it and enjoy it. Now it’s one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Orange beef/chicken and spare ribs are both up there as well.

I can only sit here and think that if Egoraptor knew about George’s genius, he would be more physically and mentally prepared for the stunt he pulled off in this video. You can’t go eating a habanero and then reviewing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as if it’s a joke. George could have warned you Mr. Egoraptor, you chose not to listen.

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