Watch Mega64 Explain Destiny’s Story and Why We Don’t Care

Destiny, amirite? Destiny has proven to be a rather divisive game for this year, although it has also proven to be uber-popular and the only game that anyone is talking about. Not all of that talk is good, though, some of it is critical and for good reason; the game is kind of a mess. Destiny’s story is messy, really messy. It feels like most of the important parts of the story are told via the Grimoire cards that you collect by completing certain tasks. Then you have to go to Bungie’s website or the Destiny app to get these bits of story.

What? Why is that even a thing? Everything in Destiny’s story is sparse and barely explained. Bungie created a deep lore with rich environments and it is all completely void of any sort of life or character unless you go to their website for the backstory. It seems like they dropped us into the worst part of the story just because it meant more places to have shooting galleries with friends, as opposed to making worlds inhabited by real characters that give you real tasks to do.

That being said, Destiny is still a ton of fun and most of this can be ignored with ease. Crazy, right? The dudes at Mega64 do a tremendous job of highlighting this very phenomenon.

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