Watch Chris Weidman and Phil Davis battle it out on Xbox One’s Killer Instinct

When Killer Instinct comes to Xbox One, it will just be another game that I can beat MMAJunkie’s Ben Fowlkes at. Granted, I don’t plan on playing another game not named ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ for the remainder of the year, so maybe Ben can get a head start. Chris Weidman and Phil Davis appears to have gotten their hands on the new launch title from Xbox One, and judging by this Fight Network video, their skill-level is about the same as yours. Both fighters appear to be your typical button mashers, which always posed a threat in the local arcades back in the day. Their playing style is too chaotic to predict any discernible patterns, which lead many to believe their gaming ability is far higher than what it actually is. Well, you can’t fool us Phil Davis and Chris Weidman — we know you suck at Killer Instinct. Now watch the two battle it out and be amused. 

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