Turns out Bayonetta 2 has a pretty dope boy fresh easter egg

I’ll come out and say something that just needs to be said, the internet is dope. It’s one of the dopest things in existence if I’m being frank. Anything anyone has ever wanted to know is freely available within a matter of seconds. I’m old enough to where I couldn’t find the box score of west coast baseball games in the box score and have to wait for Sportscenter to hopefully show it.

While the internet has given me the ability to look up someone’s WAR within seconds, it does have its downsides. Video games no longer have mystery in them. No longer are the days where you and your friends would spend all night to try and figure out how to unlock Reptile. Only to fail repeatedly and wonder, how did you unlock Reptile, is Reptile even real?

Well here’s another cool easter egg spoiled for you. Damn you, internet.

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