Tonight at 11PM EST/8 PM PST We’re playing Monaco live and streaming!

The Steam Summer Sale has led to our wallets getting just a bit looser over the past week and a half, with one of those games that we’ve picked up being Monaco. Monaco, for those who are gleefully unaware, is a puzzle-based heist game which I can only explain as kind of Hotline Miami with more strategy and a more fun visual style. There is obviously less emphasis on sheer mayhem in Monaco, instead the focus is on completing increasingly-complex heists and not exactly murdering everyone in sight. There is a big focus on your line of sight as well as your character’s special abilities. Putting together the perfect team to do a heist with co-op just seems to be the way to go.

Tonight Jason and Dave will be heading into the strange, pixelated world that is Monaco for your viewing pleasure. There will be attempts at completing heists, some possible violence and of course lots of hijinx along the way. We’ll be playing starting at 10PM Eastern time, 7PM Pacific time and hopefully be able to give you a good overview of Monaco and possibly something else if we get tired of it.

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