Titanfall Online Games Limited to a Paltry Twelve Players

One of the next gen games that has had everyone talking for a while now is Titanfall, made by Respawn Entertainment, which were originally Infinity Ward who created the massively-popular Call of Duty series. Titanfall is indeed another first person shooter game that will be coming to the market soon, only this one includes giant mechs that players will be able to earn in the heat of battle and then do lots of damage with. While there haven’t been a lot of next generation games that have really caught the eye of gamers, this one has done an admirable job.

This week Respawn Entertainment announced that during online matches in Titanfall the game will be restricted to twelve players in a map, or six versus six, which has caused quite a stir. I mean, we are moving into the next generation of playing games where home consoles can handle more players, bigger maps and more explosions that PCs have had for years now, why is Respawn pooh-poohing everyone’s fun like that? According to them, the action is simply too chaotic and intense with too many players in a map.

If that sounds like strange PR spin to you, well, you aren’t the only one. According to Respawn Entertainment due to how dynamic the player can be there can be bullets coming at you from just about any angle, making it too chaotic with multiple players. This is in part because of each player having a jet pack and the ability to run along walls and scale buildings. If you are inside of a room there might be four or more places where an enemy can find their way in, making the action too “intense” and “chaotic” for more than twelve players. They then explain that no one can really understand what they are saying because no one has played the game yet. But then what makes it kind of confusing is that each team can have 12 AI-controlled partners and that each player can have, in theory, a Titan following them as well. That would make the number of characters on the screen up to a possible 50, so I’m not sure why that doesn’t get chaotic.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see on this? It seems like just limiting how many Titans a team can have at once might free things up.


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