This video represents everything wrong with competitive gaming today

Let’s for a minute wipe EA MMA from our minds. Shit, that’s a dark world to live in. I think I’ll go cry in the shower for a bit. The problem is we know it happened and it set the bar REALLY high, in the opinion of many. EA broke many an unwashed basement junkie’s heart when they shut down those servers. It was brilliant, and it’s great to reflect on.

What we have today is EA Sports UFC. It’s a game that got off to a rocky start, but god help EA, they have supported this game well and provided us, the gamers with regular patches. Free fighters, drastic changes to the gameplay and every time they do something with it, it’s getting closer to what it should be (EA MMA 2).

I’m no superstar on this game, I like to have fun on it with a sprawl and brawl approach that works about 50% of the time (I’m being generous to myself). I’m alright enough on the ground to get to my feet, but that’s about it. I rarely hit submissions, and tend not to grind up against people like Miley Cyrus. I’m basically a kickboxer using wrestling in reserve. It’s fun as hell, and I only play ranked even though it drives me absolutely effin’ mental sometimes.

You see, even with all their patches what EA cannot control are colossal effin’ d**kheads. The parasitic vermin that shrowd the ranked servers in a dank dark disgusting shitty smell. These useless crybaby bitches are ruining ranked for everyone and this is a perfect example of how.

Thanks to Playstation Share, Sony’s Cheat Catching Software as I’ll call it, you can see the submission is escaped – so captain dominant lands a few shots from turtle, then takes the back to pummel a hole in his opponent’s head. Knockout! POW. Etc.

Unhappy with this, niarcks37 decided to quit because god forbid he get beat by someone that was clearly better than him. I want to set their face on fire, for this petty bullshit. What are you acheiving?! Nothing. Protecting a ‘record’ on a videogame is supremely effin’ lame, you need a slap in the d**k if you have one.

The worst bit, this didn’t even happen to me, but I’m fired up regardless. Let’s make a call for harsher penalties to quitters. Is hanging too harsh?

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