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This PS4 unboxing is fairly baller

As you grow older, you slowly begin to notice how you do certain things differently. As a youngster I was scared to eat a hamburger with a bun. I don’t know why, as I love hamburgers and I love bread but the combination scared my little child brain. Even when I was a younger child, I was very braggadocious in my video game playing much like a Nick Diaz, now I’m much more of the Fedor Emelianenko variety, very calm and stoic, after winning, maybe I’ll slowly raise a hand in victory. Driving is another big one, when I was younger, I’d drive fast everywhere because I was young and stupid, then I realized that getting somewhere a tad bit quicker isn’t really worth it.

One of the biggest things is opening boxes. As a kid, I was a ravenous animal, using my fingernails, teeth whatever I had to pry it open by any means necessary. Now, I open everything as if I’m delivering birth, making sure to savor every last tender moment. Once I get some of that infamous “Anderson Silva Money” I plan on buying some leather gloves and a PS4 and reenacting this.

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