This new Killer Instinct gameplay looks pretty pretty prettttttty good

I’ve been very reserved and critical of the new Killer Instinct. It’s always tough when someone new comes along and takes control of a franchise that you love, I’ve been skeptical and with good reason I believe, but I so dearly want it to be an amazing game — I want to see it on the main stage of EVO next year.

After watching a bunch of footage from the guys at Double Helix bringing it to the hardcore local tournaments with big names from the fighting game community, everyone seems to be coming out rather impressed by it. I haven’t seen much negative reactions to anyone who’s played it gameplay wise, which needless to say is great news.

Here’s some new footage featuring the first new character to KI3. Showcasing her air mobility, combos and projectiles, which is a new for the series. What say you Middleeasy readers? Are you interested in the new KI?

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