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This Mirror’s Edge-Style Parkour Video Just Makes Us Want the New Mirror’s Edge More

Look, we get it, internet, parkour is a thing. Parkour popped up in the 80’s but didn’t really take off until YouTube became a driving force on the internet and people from European countries that we aren’t really clear on would post videos of them and their friends doing all sorts of crazy stuff in urban areas that would blow our minds. Admit it, you, or at least a friend of yours, posted to your MySpace (or Facebook if you went to a decent college) a video or two of some Russian kids doing flips off of stuff set to some serene music at some point in your life. It’s just one of those things, alright?

EA and DICE’s game, Mirror’s Edge, gave a good glimpse at what at-the-time new consoles could do by presenting a beautiful first person game where your character did all sorts of crazy stuff while running. It has been a cult favorite since it was released and it will actually get a second installment some time in the near future, although it might be a reboot as opposed to an actual sequel, but we are fine with that either way.

This video sprouted up on YouTube yesterday of someone doing Parkour while dressed up almost exactly like Faith from the game, right down to having the same kind of hair, as you see in the shadows. The camera is placed god knows where, but it looks spot on and it is like real life Mirror’s Edge.

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