This is what happens when you ask Steven Ogg (Trevor from GTA V) to swear at you

The three guys who played the main characters in Grand Theft Auto V are in a strange position right now, as they have instantly became famous, something that actors in a videogame have really never seen before. It’s difficult not to see a guy like Steven Ogg, whose performance as Trevor Phillips was just amazing, and wonder how much of Trevor resides within a guy that talks about stage acting and how his kids won’t be allowed to play the game that has made him famous.

So, these guys are apparently making the Comic-Con circuit right now and a fan asked a question during a Q&A, which was more of a request, really. He wanted Steven Ogg to swear at him, you know, something that Trevor would do. This video is pretty awesome, as Ogg comes down from the stage, approaches the kid, gets right in his face and lets forth a rather Trevor-esque line while the crowd offers thunderous applause. Be warned if bad language bothers you, which if it does, GTA V bothers you a lot.

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