This is what Forrest Griffin and The Korean Zombie look like in EA Sports UFC

EA Sports went from the most amazing company to collaborate with when they produced EA Sports MMA with Strikeforce to an unresponsive, uninterested company when they teamed up with EA Sports UFC. The most intriguing thing is — it’s not even EA Sports’ fault.

With EA Sports MMA, the team allowed MiddleEasy to have live tournaments that were streamed on the site — it was a full-fledged gaming experience that facilitated exclusive interviews with fighters, live commentary from a dedicated team of designers — heck we even gave away MiddleEasy shirts during the broadcast. MiddleEasy and EA Sports went into a contractual agreement to do some really cool things together, and we did. Those guys were even gracious enough to place the MiddleEasy shirt within the game.

Naturally, we thought the same relationship would be shared in their new EA Sports UFC game — boy were we wrong. The UFC has single-handedly squashed every single effort we put forth to collaborate with EA Sports. Quite honestly it has made the entire staff here bitter towards the entire game.

We know that somewhere in that labyrinthal system of gaming development, members of the original team of EA Sports MMA are there working hard in their cubicles at EA Tiburon. It would be silly to turn our backs on them, since they were so amazing to everyone at MiddleEasy. There hasn’t been a lot of love towards EA Sports UFC on MiddleEasy because of this — however with that said, here is the in-game footage of The Korean Zombie and Forrest Griffin.

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