This GTA V Mythbusters video just shed some serious light on some cool stuff

Grand Theft Auto V hasn’t even been out a week yet. I want you to sit there and digest that fact for a while and think about how many hours you (or someone that you know) has sunk into that game in just under a week. It is probably a lot of hours, with most of them gone into the game’s main story as well as lots of pure chaos. This video is called “Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters” and they do just that; look into some of the stuff that has been floating around the internet for the week and either confirm or deny them.

It’s cool stuff like can you tow a police car that is pursuing you? Can you actually stab a shark while under water? If hiding in the bushes actually gets the cops off of your tail and a whole lot more. I recommend you check this video out because it might actually come in handy while you zip around Los Santos.

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