This GTA V First Person Skydiving Comp is Pretty Amazing

The best part about open-world games are the things that gamers do with them that are outside of the norm. It’s the things that people do with these games that ooze creativity and entertain us beyond just following the rules of the game. In the past we’ve seen the GTA games used for everything from stunt videos to nature documentaries to civil war re-enactments. The latest video to come from this world of people using GTA V for whatever they damned well please is an awesome first person skydiving reel.

This crafty gamer uses GTA V on PS4/Xbox One’s first person mode to do some amazing skydiving stunts and you really get a sense of gravity from the whole thing and how difficult some of these feats have to be. Seriously, some of the things that she does are sheer insanity. They defy reason.

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