This Dark Souls 2 trailer just dropped and it’s exactly what you expect

I feel as if the video game industry is fairly accurate when it comes to giving out praise. It’s simple: a good product will get noticed nearly every single time. Sure there are games like Psychonauts that no one purchased (shame on all of you) but it still received critical acclaim amongst the people who did play it.

Then there’s a game such as Dark Souls, which did sell very well and it received a hefty amount of praise. Although there is one little thing that people kept harping on that isn’t necessarily true about it. It’s not THAT hard, sure it is punishing and extremely difficult, but whenever you bring it up, people act as if it’s impossibly hard. It isn’t. It’s harkens back to the old days of gaming where it was totally reliant on skill and learning the mechanics in the game so you can use them to the best of your ability. It doesn’t hold your hand and assist you throughout the game, it doesn’t lessen the difficulty if you keep failing and it certainly doesn’t give you a white Tanooki suit. It makes me oh so happy that there are still games such as this. It brings me make to the days where it took actual skill to beat a video game and just enough will power and time. I’m not saying all games have to be like Dark Souls, infact they shouldn’t, the video game world would be a dull place if that happened. With that said, I’ll be patiently awaiting a delivery on March 11th.


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