There Sure is a Lot of Pointing in Battlefield 4, Apparently

So there are a lot of people on the internet who try to be funny. We know that by now, the internet is basically one big lulz factory, even if there are a lot of failures involved in this. That’s okay, because the cream floats to the top, or at least tries to get there. YouTube’s “Geek Week” means that people are going to be stretching to get some LULZ on YouTube and, well, this Battlefield 4 video is actually kind of funny!

Why? Because, indeed, you can do a lot of pointing to set markers and such in the upcoming Battlefield 4 and this guys decided to make one of those videos with home-produced music that we all know equates to an instant meme. So, join in with us, and point at all of these things in Battlefield 4 and recognize that other games don’t have this much pointing. While I’d usually insert a banal Call of Duty remark here, on this particular afternoon I feel as if it is not worth it and that you’ll all get the point anyway.

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