There is even MORE Borderlands II DLC coming

It’s nice to know that Gearbox is putting that hard-earned Aliens: Colonial Marines cash at work, because we are getting yet another Borderlands 2 DLC pack. Or so says Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford claims.

We did a Season Pass for Borderlands 2, and the Season Pass was like, ‘hey, if you buy the Season Pass we’re going to be doing four campaign DLCs, but you can get all four of them for the price of three if you buy upfront,’” Pitchford said about Borderlands. “So everyone has this expectation that those would be the four DLCs and then that’s it. We’re going to do more. We’re going to do some other things. We don’t have details yet about it exactly

Now, it should be noted that ‘DLC’ could mean an overpriced costume pack, or perhaps a new character class like the Psycho DLC (which, at $10 is overpriced), or it could be another campaign. I”m hoping for the latter, because Tiny TIna’s Assault on Dragon Keep was fantastic, and if I’m going to stick around the world of Borderlands 2, I want it to be substantial.

And that brings me to my next point, and I’ve been crying about this since I hit level 50 last September — there should be PVP. DO it in tiers like WoW. ox off some areas found throughout Borderlands 2, and then have players go at it. That would make me feel like it’s actually worth having a badass character. What’s the point of spending all this time if you quit as soon as you reach the top? And that my friends, is the crux of gaming in 2013. But no one claimed Gearbox were innovators or anything. [Source]

All that said: I will settle on TIny TIna as a playable character. I think.

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