The Wii U will be $299 September 20th, will you buy one?

The Wii U is an interesting console. One would think that a brand-spanking new Nintendo console would sell more than 160,000 units from April to June — sadly that isn’t the case. The Wii U has been struggling heavily to move consoles ever since it launched last year. With the two new next-gen consoles coming out in only a few months, Nintendo needed to do something to spur Wii U sales. They’ve decided on lowering the Wii U price point to $299.99 starting September 20th.

One has to wonder why Nintendo announced this now? Three months out of the new consoles coming out, with already one million PS4s on pre-order, will this even affect the Wii U sales? You’d have to think that the majority people who are buying a new console this holiday season have already pre-ordered one. Not only that, but announcing it now is sort of bizarre. If only there was an expo, an expo that gets massive press coverage, an expo that reaches a broad audience and breaks into the mainstream new markets, some type of expo that was for electronics — something that begins with an E and ends with a primary number. Damn.

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