The trailer for the new Destiny DLC, The Dark Below just dropped

Oh boy, are you ready for some new Destiny DLC? What’s that? You aren’t? Well… too bad, because it’s coming out anyways.

Destiny is an interesting game, one could say it was always destined to be a failure in the eyes of the consumer. Destiny was marketed as a game that would change the genre of first person shooters. A game that was billed as something that it could never achieve. So now here we are, we have a good game that feels much worse than it is because it didn’t meet the expectations it has set for itself. A game that built itself up so much that it was expected to have the world in it and when reality set in, there just felt like there was a lack of content.

Well, will the first batch of DLC fix that? Probably not but hey, if you want to go farm for some helium fragments on the moon, this will give you an excuse to.


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