The Steam Holiday Sale: Day 1

It’s here. We’re not ready, but it’s here. Just a few short weeks removed from the Steam Autumn Sale, Valve has taken it upon themselves to sell us more games we may never play. And you know what? They will take our money. Oh yes, our money will be jingling in their pockets.

So Day 1 of the Steam Holiday Sale begins in earnest. Let’s see what deals are worth it and which aren’t:

Asseto Corsa, $29.99, 25% off. 

I know nothing about this game and I choose to ignore it. I have Forza on Xbox One and GTA on my 360. I need not another racer.

Dead Island, $4.99, 75% off:

Get it. Especially if you have a few friends that have never played it before. Zeus and I pretty much destroyed this game, getting as close to 100% completion as possible before something shiny distracted us. It’s basically Borderlands with zombies and melee weapons. Super fun. Dead Island Riptide was a rushed piece of garbage though.

Metal Gear Rising, $19.99, 33% off

See, I want to get this, but I have so many games… It’s hard for me to resist any Metal Gear game though, and I’ve been waiting for this to drop in price since it’s so short and mostly an action game (I want my stealth). I’m also pretty intrigued to see how pretty this is on my PC. Get it?

Bioshock Infinite, $9.99, 75% off

Buy it, then buy the season pass so you can get the Burial at Sea DLC for a tidy price. Despite the waves of enemies and somewhat convoluted plot, Bioshick Infinite is still a masterpiece of storytelling from Ken Levine. The only man I would ever want to hold me deep into the cold, winter nights.

Dishonored, $7.49, 75% off

I’ve owned this game for two years and have played the first third of it twice. I’ve heard great things, I believe the game could be great, but I somehow end up on Skyrim whenever I play this for more than an hour, if that makes any sense. Get it if you want to have some supernatural stealth action in your life.

The Stanley Parable, $8.99, 40% off

I love The Stanley Parable. It’s not really a game in the traditional sense, but it’s a journey into the meta. A journey into the heart of gaming, while simultaneously being about nothing much at all. Either way, I feel everyone should play it, but be warned: Some will hate it, some will love it. All will have an opinion on it.

Monaco, $2.99, 80% off

We bought this earlier in the year, and it’s fine if you like stealthy, arcade action with an emphasis on teamwork. I suggest trying it out for this low price, but it’s sometimes obtuse, pixelated graphics can get in the way of fun. Best enjoyed with friends.

Space Hulk, $10.19, 66% off

I like the Warhammer 40K universe, but I don’t like any of the spinoffs. Give me some real time strategy, bros. Skip it.

Batman: Arkham Origins, $24.99, 50% off

I love this game despite the fact that it seems like it was made by a bunch of fans who saw the Nolan movies once then picked up Long Halloween, flipped through it, then decided to make a game. Everything you love about the Arkham games are here, but with far more focus on combat. That’s fine, but I would rather it took place in a setting we didn’t have in Arkham City. This is the right price, $25.

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