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The Steam Autumn Sale Starts Today

Just as you felt like your Steam account was jam-packed full of games as it is, with many of the games that you purchased during the Steam Summer Sale sitting not only unplayed, but uninstalled, it is time for more savings on more games thanks to the Steam Autumn Sale. Feel overwhelmed yet? You probably should, honestly.

So while everyone is fretting over their upcoming indigestion from Thanksgiving here in the United States, you can pick up a few games that you’ve neglected to pick up yet thanks to Steam’s Autumn Sale. It began this afternoon after being long-rumored and the first day includes some pretty decent sales already. Today’s deals are Rogue Legacy, Terraria, Sleeping Dogs, Left 4 Dead 2, Prison Architect, AntiChamber, The Walking Dead, Skyrim and Outlast.

If none of those tickle your fancy then make sure to check every eight hours for flash deals. If you for some reason miss a day always be on the lookout as Flash sales sometimes have repeats of days past that you might have missed. So stay vigilant PC gamers, Steam is here to make your Thanksgiving suck a little bit less right now.

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