The new game from former Bioshock developers looks super duper cool

Over the last console generation, we saw the arise of many trends. This article will make note of nearly every major trend. Well… except for the rise of online gaming, that I won’t (thank you Al Gore for allowing that to be possible.) Over the past generation we saw the rise of a certain aspect in games that while possible, was never fully fleshed out in past generations. That trend is, atmosphere. The amount of games that had a distinct and precise atmosphere was incredible. Both Bioshock 1 and Infinite are prime examples of such.

Another major trend is the rise of the indie scene. Now that games can be released digitally over consoles, the days of needing a AAA to get your game out are gone. Well there’s one more team joining the indie parade and that’s some former developers from Irrational Games, the people who made Bioshock 1 and Infinite.

Lastly, we saw the rise of kickstarter. Which is where the former Irrational Games developers are attempting to get funding for their new game. If the funding is met, the game will see a release on PC/MAC/Linux.

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