The Fight Network talks to the Executive Producer of Far Cry 4, we watch intently

People are going to call me a hipster and a liar, troll, or whatever else they can think of when they don’t share an opinion, but I liked Far Cry 2 better than 3. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved Far Cry 3, especially with a few key mods on PC, but Far Cry 2, when it launched in 2008, that was the first next-gen experience of last generation, if you get what I’m typing. For some reason, setting the Savannah ablaze was something I took great joy in, and the AI was pretty awesome too. 

While Far Cry 3 refined the gameplay, quests and had the most memorable antagonist in a long while, it was a refined experience that didn’t really scratch my genre-defying itch. The survival elements were cool, but I was playing DayZ at the time, so meh. I still recognize its greatness, Far Cry 3 is a great game, it just felt like the first Far Cry game truly for the masses. Whatever that means.

Far Cry 4 looks to build on the refined, open-world gameplay of FC3 and turn it on its head a bit. I would be able to speak on it more, but my review copy never arrived. Sometimes these things happen in gaming, and actually, it’s about ethics. Luckily, Fight Network is here to shed some light on Far Cry 4.

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