The entire map for Grand Theft Auto V was just leaked, and it’s bigger than anyone thought

Ah, the map of Grand Theft Auto 5’s Los Santos. I think I actually see my place on there, it’s right below the ‘Vinewood’ sign. Hopefully in Grand Theft Auto V the option to be a pretentious hipster at Intelligentsia is available so you can camouflage yourself in Silverlake (or whatever Rockstar’s equivilant will be).

Just a few hours ago the GTA 5 map was leaked on Reddit (the image has since been removed), and it shows that Los Santos is actually just a fraction of what is offered in Grand Theft Auto 5. There is a small scale on the bottom left of the map, but it’s incredibly hard to decipher what the measurements are.

Take a look at that thing. That’s your entire life in just seven days. Props to @ChrisWhite209 for the find.

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