Take a look at these maps to see just how huge Arma III’s Atlis is compared to other games

Arma III launches in ten days on September 12th, and if you haven’t picked up the early access Beta yet, you really should. Not only will you obviously get early access to the game, but you’ll save about 25% off the retail price before the game is fully launched. For those that aren’t really familiar with the Arma series, it’s basically a hardcore military and jogging simulator. Nah, it’s a shooter, but the aforementioned description isn’t far off either. In Arma, the maps are incredibly huge and the attention to detail is absolutely overwhelming. I opted into the Arma III Beta’s development build to check out the latest map, Atlis, a 275KM recreation of Lemnos, a Greek island, and it’s truly stunning. 

If you’ve played DayZ, you know Arma can put together a compellingly huge area to call home, but this is something else. I’ve never seen a map so huge. Funny enough, one of the devs put together a nice little infographic showing off how Atlis compares to gaming’s other massive environments.

These are from the Arma series:

And this is Atlis compared to maps seen in Skyrim, GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption. Madness.

Funny enough, Atlis still isn’t bigger than Daggerfall.

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