Stop waiting at crosswalks, play street Pong while you wait at crosswalks

Last time we checked there are still only 24 hours in day. As a gamer you could add more time to spend with your videos games by cutting things out like eating, sleeping, doing work stuff, and going outside. But what if you could play video games while you walk to work or while you walk to get something to eat? 

But what if you hate walking?

For human beings that hate walking German inventors Urban Invention cannot help you. Back in 2012 the crew at Urban Invention made a viral video where they built a game of Pong into German cross walks. The game wasn’t real but it led the group of college students to research the tech into how they could make it a reality.

Two years later, the team has a prototype! A handful of the prototypes have already been installed in select German cross walks and now the company wants to expand on their idea. Using a touch screen display and wireless sensors, walkers can play other walkers in Pong while they wait for the street light to turn green.

Over at Indiegogo, Urban Invention is attempting to crowd fund the remaining steps to bring street Pong to a wider audience. Better casing for the touch screen, ironing out a few bugs, and most importantly making sure it can pass German government safety regulations. The inventors also plan to add a dating app, news, and navigation features to the display. 

Years from now when two people conduct a lesson in Street MMA over who cheated at street Pong remember to blame this group of German college students who should have just made street Frogger in the first place. Strangers have never punched each over Frogger.

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