Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to buy: The Fifth

The Steam Summer Sale is a marathon, not a race. We must be gentle with our wallets, as not to break them from quick overuse. You have to ease your wallet into the sale, gently spending a little at a time. You wouldn’t go into an all-out sprint if you had not warmed up properly would you? If you would, you are probably being attacked by an animal, but it’s still a shameful display. Stretch. Your hamstrings will thank me later.


Reus 50% off $4.99

I dunno, I’m not sold on this. Marathon, not a race. Dave
This game looks trippy as hell and pretty fun to boot. You control giants that change the landscape around travelers as they get to their destination. For five bucks, it looks like something that would be fun for the whole family, but the meta score is an underwhelming 76. It looks pretty…Jason



Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion 75% off $9.99

4X games but in space! We’ve seen a lot of these, apparently this is the best offering so far, so if you bought the rest you are a sucker.Dave
This is pretty much the ultimate 4x space game. I played the original when it came out a half-decade ago, and kind of loved it. It was quite a time commitment, but beautiful. If you really like the vastness of space and strategy games, this is a no-brainer.Jason


Dishonored 66% off $10.19

I just bought this as it was one of those games that I wanted, but never wanted to pay full price for. Will I enjoy it? Maybe. Dave
I have mixed feeling about this game. It’s good, it’s just not as good as people made it out to be last fall, when NO games were out. For ten bucks though, it’s totally worth it.Jason


Terraria 75%off $2.49

This seems like a no-brainer. Another game that I’ve been interested in, but not $10 interested in. $2.49 feels right.Dave
Best described as an RPG Minecraft that’s 2d, Terreria is fun, but not nearly as fun as Minecraft. I know some people who swear by this game, but I just couldn’t get into it and it’s convoluted multiplayer.Jason


Dust an Elysian Tail 50% off $7.49

A beautiful side-scrolling action -RPG that’s painted and animated by hand apparently. It looks gorgeous, damn gorgeous, but I don’t know much about the game. Dave?Jason
I have friends who swear that this game is absolutely incredible, an absolute gem. This has forced my hand into picking it up, so I guess we’ll wait and see. I feel like I held out for years, though, even if it wasn’t that long.Dave


Dawn of War II: Retribution 75% off, $7.49

Another good RTS game on sale. Man, there are so many games like this out there, huh? For the price it is great, though. Dave
I’m a huge fan of Relic, the guys who make this and Company of Heroes, and even though I’m not a huge fan of the Dawn of War series (the tabletop is fun), I can’t NOT recommend this game. Get it for some RTS goodness..Jason


Castle Crashers 75% off $3.74

This game kind of owns. It’s just fun and for under $4, c’mon. Dave
Before there was a MiddleEasy, there was Zeus and I playing Castle Crashers NON-STOP for weeks on end, discussing launching a gaming site. This was many years ago, and now here we are: full circle? Get this game. It’s like Golden Ax meets Ren and Stimpy. God I love this game.Jason


Wargame: Airland Battle 50% off $19.99

Gah, another RTS game that looks good, but I’m torn on. I think that it looks tremendous, but not enough to get my hard-earned ducats. I still need to pick up Company of Heroes 2, which is higher up on my list.Dave
This game looks really cool. A RTS game that gives you units throughout history. Pit a WW2 Panzer tank against something the United States manufactured in 2012 to fight for freedom, it’s all there. Thousands of units. Man, I’m gonna get this I think.Jason


Max Payne 3 75% off $9.99

This is another series that has been around for a while and that I’ve never had an interest in. I still remember the first game, which was touted on its graphics (constipated face Max textures~!) and bullet time gimmick. I’m sure that this is fun, but I just can’t find the care inside of me.Dave
I’m replaying this on PC now and I love it. Sure, the plot is horribly gritty and dark, but it’s also really, really satisfying action. If you have a decent gaming rig — pick this up. Jason


Killing Floor 80% off $3.99

Really stark, horrifying visual style mixed with the undead coming at you in droves. I really don’t like these kinds of games and want to see something new from the gaming world. Will it happen? Probably not.Dave
The original wave upon wave of undead coming at you game. I love Tripwire interactive, but man, I don’t think I can stand another shooter right now. If you can, pick it up. I won’t stop you. Jason


Published on July 15, 2013 at 10:09 pm
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