Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to buy: Day six!

Damn it. The sale has gotten good, but I got too excited early and now I’m left wondering if I dare spend more of my hard-earned MiddleEasy cash (of which I’m flush with). Well, I don’t know, but the least I could do is help you guys, the salt of the earth. You need to know what’s worth buying during these Steam Summer Sales, and Dave Walsh and I will help you, or we will die.

Football Manager 2013 75% off $9.99

I’ve heard this is the best front office simulator of any sports game, but I just don’t really like futbol. Get it if you like managing teams and… Futbol.Jason
I have a British friend who swears by these games, as in, it is all that he plays. I’m not making this up, he has 1,600 hours played of the 2012 edition.Dave


Orcs Must Die 2 75% off $3.74

Yes! The best tower defense game that features no towers! Buy, buy buy! I can’t stress enough how cool it is building a dungeon and killing orcs. Great game.Jason
I’m really not super high on tower defense games of ANY kind, but I’ve heard that this game is good. If you are into it, you’ll really dig this.Dave


DMC, Devil May Cry 50% off $24.99

Zeus really likes this game, I’m kind of weary of the newfangled Dante. I say don’t buy it just because of Dante’s new haircut. Yeah.Jason
The first Devil May Cry game was kind of cool. It was fun slashing a dude up in the air and then duel-wielding pistols as you blast away at it. I kind of stopped there, though, and apparently hardcore fans of the series dislike this game. It looks pretty cool, I guess, but I’d give this a huge pass until it’s way cheaper.Dave


The Secret World 50% off $14.99

I actually had a lot of fun playing this MMO that lets you play as the Illuminati, or Masons. It’s good fun, a bit clunky, but fun. If you only like MMOs marginally, and want something that isn’t so dragon-y and dungeon-y, get this.Jason
From all that I can tell it’s a pretty cool MMO that has no subscription fees, although I’m not sure how many people play this, realistically. That seems to be one of the most important things about MMOs.Dave


Alan Wake 90% off $2.99

You really can’t go wrong with this buy. It’s a solid action game, and it’s also quite frightening. I like Alan’s prose for what it’s worth.Jason
This game has been in my collection, on the backlog list, for a while now. That being said, I’ve heard great things and for the price it’s worth it to just own it and dabble in it.Dave


Crysis 2 Maximum Edition 70% off $8.99

Ummmmm, kind of worth it. If you have a good gaming rig and you haven’t played it yet, do it. It’s like being the Predator, but not. Let me reiterate this point though: Graphics.Jason
Crysis is the first name when it comes to “GRAPHIXXXXXX” and that’s about it. I’ve yet to play any of these games because I didn’t have an unholy beast of a gaming rig when the first two came out. I only really hear people talk about the graphics in these games, so yeah.Dave


Sleeping Dogs 75% off $6.24

Hey, you can throw a Superman punch like GSP in this game! Worth it for less than 7 bucks but open-world games seem to be a dime a dozen now.Jason
This is one that I’m excited over! The gameplay is super fun and the story is pretty decent, as is the voice acting. It didn’t perform up to what Square wanted it to, but it really was a good game.Dave


System Shock 2 75% off $2.49

I’m praying to Ken Levine that the next ‘shock’ game is a Systemshock. Imagine this: Andrew Ryan’s technology has led them to the far future, where the AI is taking over. Then something happens and then a lighthouse. Brilliant! Get it! Mods can make this look fairly nice, too.Jason
It is a Ken Levine game! It is not BioShock! It is survival horror! Survival horror is not my bag, sadly, so yeah.Dave


Mark of the Ninja 75% off $3.74

Equally the best sidescroller and best stealth game in years, if you don’t buy MotN then you are just plain foolish, or broke. Maybe both.Jason
I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t like ninjas?Dave


Rising Storm 50% off $9.99

Yes, yes, yes, yes! The best shooter since BF2 or CoD 1 or MoHAA! I LOVE this game. LOVE IT. I can’t recommend it higher. And that’s not all! If you buy this great game you get the entirety of Red Orchestra 2’s European multiplayer suite. I love this game. Great community, great action. Yes.Jason
This is one of the games that Jason literally forced me to buy to play multiplayer with his group of friends and it is probably the best of that lot. The action can be slow or fast depending on the map and which way the momentum of the match is going, which is great. Each kill you get you feel like you earned and yeah, there are gonna be some team kills.Dave
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