Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to Buy: Day Nine!

I’ve kind of been waiting for day nine of the Steam Summer Sale so I can quote from the Alice in Chains song “Sludge Factory” and say “daaaay niiiine” in my best Layne Staley voice and then immediately swear and get applauded. I feel like most of you are too young for that reference, even with the included YouTube link. You’re forgiven this time. Anyway (by the way by the way by the way…). Once again, I feel like we are seeing a lot of games that were on sale for the Flash Sales earlier on, but that doesn’t make today less exciting.

If you for some reason don’t have some of these games, please, by all means, pick them up.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition – 40% Off – $35.99

If you don’t already own this, get it. It’s arguably the best game of this generation and as Dave said: mods. Get it.Jason
You probably don’t need a reason to buy Skyrim. You either like it or you don’t and already know about it. Getting it for PC is cool for modding. Yeah!Dave


Awesomenauts – 66% Off – $3.39

I thought this was Psychonauts and got all excited. It’s not. Skip it.Jason
It’s a platformer, it’s cheap and it’s good. What more do you need to know?Dave


Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – 75% Off – $4.99

If you’ve bought Torchlight II and already own Diablo III then how can I justify Balder’s Gate I for $IV.XCIX?Jason
It’s the Baldur’s Gate that you grew up with, but running on a newer engine! It’s also pretty cheap, so relive those memories, or, if you haven’t played it yet, make some new ones.Dave


Metro: Last Light – 40% Off – $29.99

I bought this for a penny on Best Buy’s website then they REFUNDED ME. Pshhh. Whatever, I still own it, and it’s good. If you liked the first one, there is more Dmitry Glukhovsky goodness here.Jason
This game is good, but not great. It came with my new video card and I gave it a whirl and it is fun, but you know, just another single player FPS game not named Half-Life 3. I feel like this game suffered from bad timing and that this probably isn’t enough of a price cut to justify it if you are on the fence about it.Dave


EVE Online – 75% Off – $4.98

Here’s some heroin. Enjoy!Jason
EVE Online is full of crazies who will play this until the crazy, bitter end. They will also try to swindle you and make you feel like an idiot. Remember that you’ll still need a monthly subscription after buying the game if you want to keep playing it.Dave


GRID 2 – 40% Off – $29.99

Grid was awesome but this is too expensive when you can get Dirt 3 for less than ten bucks.Jason
I’ve pretty much never cared about racing games unless you can do really dumb, funny stuff in it. So basically, I liked San Francisco Rush and that’s about it.Dave


Trials: Evolution Gold Edition – 50% Off – $9.99

I love the entire Trials series, so I strongly suggest picking this one up if you don’t already have it. The best part? It works equally well with a controller or a keyboard. At least in my opinion.Jason
Okay, maybe I was wrong, because Trials is kind of a racing game. It is also a game that is all about physics and it is super fun. I’ve had it for Xbox 360 for a while but I feel like I should have waited to get it on PC because of how the PhysX stuff works in this. I can’t recommend this game enough for blowing off steam or just having fun.Dave


Sid Meier’s Civilization V – 75% Off – $7.49

OK, the Gold edition is like, $12.49 and the Brave New World expansion is $30, so just get those and spend $43 on one of the greatest games ever. You’ll play it for hundreds of hours, and you’ll end up thanking Dave and I for it personally. Especially me. I’m the one who just did the math.Jason
Buy the Gold Edition with Gods & Kings, just trust me on this one. Also, yeah, just buy the damned game. I sink so many hours into this game and plan to sink a lot more. It’s so good. Jason will agree because we both play it a lot. Sadly the Brave New World expansion isn’t on sale, but I still recommend picking up the Gold Edition AND Brave New World and just loving every second of it.Dave


Monaco – 50% Off – $7.44

Dave is trying to talk me into buying this, but I already have so many games…Jason
This game kind of hinges on your friends also having it. You can always tell which games hinge on this on Steam because they’ll offer four-packs of it. I’m sure that the single player is fun, but it really feels like a co-op game.Dave


Train Simulator 2013 – 80% Off – $10.99

I’m not interested in the train simulator like I am the Euro Truck simulator, but at the same time: no.Jason
MORE SIMULATORS! These games seem like they are fun to joke around with, but like they are worth maybe $2 or so, not $11.Dave
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