Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to buy: Day Four!

The Steam Summer Sale trudges on, and frankly, outside of a few, choice, cuts — today’s sales aren’t too great. At least in my opinion. Sure, there are some good games, but after the gaming orgasm that was the first two days, I find it hard to keep spending.


Sanctum 2: 50% off $7.49

This is a hybrid tower defense/FPS, which is cool and I know I have some friends that are always playing Sanctum 2, but the idea of tower defense + FPS gaming kind of puts me off. There must be better. There must. Jason



Hitman Absolution: 75% off $6.24

Played the first Hitman game and just found it to be kind of dreadful, so I’ve ignored them afterwards. People were hyped over this one and then it sucked, so I felt a sense of redemption.Dave
I was so pumped for this game when it first came out, but it utterly disappointed. Blood Money was an amazing game, and Absolution is just broken. From the weird spotting mechanic to the omniscient AI, this one just missed the mark. Jason


Eador: Masters of the Broken World: 40% off $11.99

I dunno, $11.99 seems like too much for a game like this during a sale like this. Sorry, no.Dave
This is a God Sim with floaty islands in space. I know nothing about it, but the video describing it looks pretty friggin’ neat. Too bad Civ V just came out with an expansion and Total War: Shogun II is on sale (I’ll talk about that next) otherwise I’d say try this one out. Jason


Total War: Shogun II 75% off $7.49

As you can see, people like Jason go crazy for these kinds of games. I’m waiting until marriage (or the new one to come out).Dave
My god, yes. I love this game. Love it. I want you all to buy it. I have someone on my friends list that describes it as ‘The Fedor of RTS games.’ I’m pretty sure that’s all you need to know. But if you must know more — it’s perfect. The game is just perfect. It’s the ultimate real-time strategy game, and you can actually get the ENTIRE Total War collection for like $42 bucks, which is ridiculous. Do it to prepare yourself for Rome II (drools). Jason


Remember Me 40% off $29.99

This game looked so cool. When it was announced people were pumped for it and then, well, it completely fell off of the map. It was released and apparently it kind of sucked, so yeah, not worth $30.Dave
Pat Healy likes it, but Pat Healy’s mind is also ruined by the sweet cheeba, and I can’t recommend this game. No way. It could’ve been great, but the controls are mushy and aside from the graphics, everything seems like an afterthought in development. Jason


Sims 3 50% off $14.99

I used to have a lot of sadistic fun with the first Sims game, but could never justify playing any more of them. Dave
This is a great deal for the price, and everyone knows Sims, so yeah. Jason


Arma II 66% off $4.41

All of the Arma players are playing Arma III now, so if online is your thing, just fork over more money for the Arma III Beta and then fork over money for the standalone Day Z, which according to Jason will be the best thing to ever happen, maybe even more so than his beloved dog Eli.Dave
This is the key to unlocking Day Z, at least until the stand alone comes out. If you’re on the fence, and have a nice gaming rig, just get Arma 3 and wait for the Day Z stand alone. Jason


Fallout New Vegas (franchise sale) 75% off $4.99

Like the title says, “Franchise sale,” which means that Fallout 3 is also on sale. You can pick both up for under $10, which is awesome. If you loved Skyrim and love futuristic, dystopian settings, Fallout owns. Dave
The best part about Fallout on PC are the mods. My fallout looks positively next-gen, and yours can too. And if you haven’t played this, talk about roughly 20 hours of gaming per dollar. Get it! Jason


Portal 2 75% off $4.99

This seems fairly straightforward. Dave
Duh. Get it. Jason


Kerbal Space Program 40% off $13.79

We literally forgot to include this game into today’s post. I’m not sure what that says about it, other than lack of enthusiasm. Jason’s friend Al likes it, I guess.Dave
My friend Al really likes this game, but then again he’s weird. Jason


Published on July 14, 2013 at 8:21 pm
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