Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to buy: Day eight!

So we said that we might be done with these monstrosities that we call Steam Summer Sale posts, but guess what? We lied! In this case, our lie is your gain as we are here, again, to tell you which of these games are worth your hard earned ducats and which ones you should [virtually] spit upon. There are some good games in the mix this time around and some that are definitely not worth it. So, Jason Nawara and myself will once again give our thoughts on these deals and just how crazy they really are.

Torchlight II – 75% Off – $4.99

It’s Diablo, without the real money auction house and with Steam Workshop support. Need I say more? Well, if you do need me to say more, how about this: very worth it for the price. Get it.Jason
I gotta admit, I’m kind of feeling like I might need to buy this game. It looks super awesome and fun and the multiplayer settings seem to put it over the top. It does feel like one of those games that I’d need friends to have to enjoy, though.Dave


XCOM: Enemy Unknown – 75% Off – $9.99

One of my favorite games of last year, but still not as good as the originals, X-Com was a near perfect blend of action and strategy gameplay. I named every single soldier on my team after someone I know in real life (RL). Gary LaPlante and myself were killed during a daring mission, while Jonesy died completely in vain like a cocky fool in a London subway station. You fool, Jonesy. I told you not to go after the grey men alone. Why didn’t you listen to us?Jason
I’ve only really dabbled in XCOM, but I have really enjoyed it so far. It’s a solid tactical game and at this price you are getting a steal.Dave


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – 50% Off – $19.99

You’ve already played this, it was called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1 and 2. Except this time the actual creators of the game didn’t make it, so. Yeah. Don’t feed the evil machine.Jason
The MW games are kind of, well, whatever. The first one was revolutionary, the second one was pretty good and the third one was a giant mess. Infinity Ward fell apart during this game, with key members splitting off to form the team known as Respawn that is working on Titanfall. Now take into account it is a Call of Duty game and you can just do better than that on PC no matter what.Dave


Far Cry 3 – 40% Off – $23.99

It’s a great game, but during a Steam sale, it’s best to be honest with yourself: are you really going to play this after buying about 8 games in the last week? Probably not. Get it in December for $10 hopefully. But for what it’s worth: it’s a great game.Jason
I really want this game, but I’m still feeling that it’s too expensive, which might sound ridiculous to some, but I have a ton of games to play and I feel that this one can wait a few more months. My hope is that it gets cheaper in December.Dave


Garry’s Mod – 75% Off – $2.49

I fell in love with this game/mod/whatever many moons ago, and it’s a ton of fun just messing around solo or in a multiplayer match. Only the creative may apply.Jason
I bought this a while ago and it seems pretty cool. It’s the kind of thing that you’ll get lost in just messing around, which for $2.49 is awesome.Dave


Euro Truck Simulator 2 – 75% Off – $9.99

Is there a dash camera and dudes throwing themselves in the street to get an insurance payout? If not, it isn’t much of a simulator. Pass.Jason
People always joke about Steam sales and the weird vehicle and traffic sims, so there you go, Euro Truck Simulator 2 for 75% Off. I’m not sure what else I can say about this other than these games are hilarious looking.Dave


Van Helsing – 50% Off – $7.49

I cannot imagine caring about this at all.Dave


Magicka – 75% Off – $2.49

This game is actually really fun, I recommend the Vietnam expansion.Jason
I also cannot imagine caring about this!Dave


Infestation: Survivor Stories (The War Z) – 75% Off – $3.74

Horrible game made by horrible people. Don’t give them a dime. Eff them.Jason
Oh god, are you serious? The best part about this game is that it used to be The War Z and everyone completely crapped all over it, which made them change the name. This game was pretty much an attempt to cash in on last year’s DayZ craze that went on in the realm of PC gaming and failed, miserably. The fact that they changed the name is kind of deceptive on their part, so yeah, don’t buy this game.Dave


SimCity 4 – 70% Off – $5.99

Dave, don’t buy this or the other Sim City. The new one is a cluster****. You should’ve bought Shogun II when it was on sale, you fool!Jason
This is a solid price for SimCity 4, but, I dunno. The new SimCity is out and I want that one, not SimCity 4. Why settle?Dave
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