Star Citizen’s Zero-G FPS Action Is Drool-Worthy

One of the most frustrating games in the world has to be Star Citizen. Why is it frustrating? Because it’s not out yet and probably won’t be out for a while. They are doing a lot to keep us idiots who backed the game super early happy, such as launching the Arena Fighter Module, but if I’m entirely honest here, I haven’t been able to get the damned thing to launch since it was released. It just gets hung up on the loading screen, which is a giant bummer. There are possible fixes and whatever, but honestly, why should you have to go into Windows and relaunch a part of it to get a game to [maybe] boot?

These are the things that will hopefully be taken care of for the full launch, but for now, we shrug in the general direction of the Arena Commander module. It is still one of the most insane game projects of recent memory and has aspirations that blow AAA games out of the water while still keeping that “indie” sensibility. It’s a game for nerds by nerds and it looks incredible.

Us crazy backers will have access to the second module soon, which is called the “FPS Module.” It is a science fiction-based shooter, which yeah, we know, there are enough shooters on the market as it is. I am not sure how I feel about the FPS Module, but I know that it, as a part of the whole, is incredible. When this game comes together it is going to be insanity. I love how the gravity can go out and how the game entirely changes, too. So check out this ten minutes of Star Citizen FPS action.

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