Star Citizen is Literally Amazing in Scope

The year is 2014 and it is safe to say that we are all kind of sick of crowdfunding being used in videogames. We’ve had some successes come from it, but we’ve also had a crazy amount of failures of varying shapes in sizes. We’ve seen games that were crowdfunded only partially deliver, deliver incredibly late or never materialize at all. So it’s kind of difficult for me to excitedly show you something from a crowdfunded game. Then again, me extolling the virtues of a crowdfunded game might help to imbue into you, the dear reader, just how exciting this stuff really is.

Star Citizen has raised a buttload of money at this point. They’ve raised $57.8 million thus far for Star Citizen, both through a traditional kickstarter campaign and through taking pre-orders via their website. A part of that includes access to alphas and betas of the game, which right now includes the dogfighting module. I chipped in on this game a long time ago and haven’t really delved into the dogfighting thing just yet because I’m not sure that I care that much about shooting spaceships with my own spaceship. It’s a part of the game that will be cool, but not the main part that excited me about Star Citizen.

What was exciting about Star Citizen was the talk of an online persistent world. It was the idea of buying a starship, getting a crew together and running missions with friends while stopping at planets and outposts along the way. It was about this awesome idea of taking these online persistent world games and making the setting that much more interesting.

This video highlights what they are doing for this and I have to say that I’m super, super excited about this.

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