So…there’s a Rambo video game, and it looks…really fake

There are some things that you just never think you’ll see. Such as a Dachshund riding a horse, being able to train MMA inside of a Walmart and a video game adaptation from the 1979 cult thriller The Warriors.

It’s time to add one more thing to that list, Rambo the video game. Sure, it’s been known for a while that there would be a Rambo video game, but it kind of went MIA for a while. Some thought it was dead considering the last Rambo movie came out six years ago now. I’m entirely sure what to say about it, Rambo being a first person shooter just seems wrong on so many levels.

I would’ve love to been in the board meeting where all this was hashed out.

I’m not entirely sure what I can add because I’m just so focused on the fact that Rambo looks like The Ultimate Warrior with black hair.

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