So GTA V Next Gen Will Include First Person Mode

For months people have been arguing over whether or not GTA V on the next gen is going to be worth the effort expended by the Rockstar team. It’s a common argument to make I guess. This gen has seen more than its fair share of last gen titles, tarted up for the sake of a few extra dollars. I’m not going to name titles that have exploited that, but it’s clear to see a few have.

Rockstar were pretty bold in asking people to re-experience the whole GTA V thing again, because well it’s still very fresh in our minds. And they were even bolder to not budge on the retail price. Something that a lot were pretty miffed about.

Last week or whenever the hell it was, I shared some of the new things that are going to be in GTA V on the next gen. And this week we’re expanding on that, because Rockstar have released this utterly breathtaking new trailer.

Sit back, relax and watch. Then tell me how this game isn’t going to be worth your hard earned cash (actually don’t, I won’t listen, because I’m buying it regardless).


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