SCFL Fire Pro Wrestling World 9.30.18: The Shadow Realm and Gyro’s Heroes Clash in a Cage… of Death

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SCFL Pro has found itself in the midst of an all-out war now, sparked by the shocking events of last week’s show where newly-minted SCFL Pro World Championship holder Miles Manhoef was… abducted? Taken? Nobody really knows how to explain what happened to Miles, except that it happened and we all, somehow, bore witness to the Shadow Realm’s thirst for chaos.

What happens now? Where, exactly, do we stand? Is the Shadow Realm a threat to everyone, or just those that it’s taken or are in its direct orbit? Jensen Woods has returned, but will anyone actually listen to him or take him seriously? If Miles Manhoef had taken him seriously perhaps he wouldn’t have gone through… whatever that ordeal was.

What we do know is that this week shots will be fired across the bow in what is a rather ambiguously-described match between the Shadow Realm and Gyro’s Heroes for the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship in a cage of death. We’ve had cage matches before, but none have been described quite like this. This means that Justice Turner and Blowhole Bernard will do battle inside of a cage for their tag championship against someone from the Shadow Realm, but it’s not quite clear who, just like the match stipulations aren’t clear.

We do know that there will be a cage and there may be death, somehow.

Outside of that, things seem in flux. Last week we learned more about the whereabouts of Bike Bianchi when the feed cut to a match happening in Mexico, using SCFL branding but as “SCLL,” which we assume is a translations issue. All signs point to it being about Bike Bianchi and hopefully this week there will be more details on Bike and his possible Mexico adventure, although we don’t know how this will manifest itself.

In addition, Wim Nijman has been whipping through contenders for the SCFL Pro US Championship, dispatching of Spencer Morgan yet again, which has led to a contender’s match between rivals Karate Hendrix and Computer Collins. Hendrix was on a slide for a while, but has regained his composure of late, while Computer Collins has been in a series of near-misses to challenge Nijman for the championship. Collins has wins over Hendrix, including a recent one, which points to him being the likely contender, but we know that Wim Nijman will be the special guest referee in this match, which will make things a bit more interesting.

We’re also promised to see more about the fracture between the Alt-Right and Ichabod Adams that seems to be brewing, Samantha Sugar returns from her injury at the hands of Immediately Ito seeking vengeance against him and Boxing Bianchi will take on Officer Bertrand in a Shoot battle.

Join us on Sunday night at 10pm eastern at for this week’s best weekly wrestling show around, especially in the realm of Fire Pro Wrestling World.

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