Robin Black breaks down his top 3 kills in Bethesda’s Evil Within

As a fan of Resident Evil up until RE5, and as a massive fan of Viewtiful Joe, the early Devil May Cry games and Ace Attorney (even though I’ve never played the Ace games, I recognize their greatness) it’s easy to say that I’m simply a fan of Shinji Mikami. Yes, Resident Evil probably wouldn’t have existed if not for Alone in The Dark on PC, but its tank controls and demon dogs jumping through hallway windows are classic, and perfect. Even if the game is somewhat broken since they give you a ‘Master of unlocking’ from the outset. 

I’ve probably played Shinji Mikami games more than any other game creator, which is saying a lot. They’re unique, they’re horrifying (when they want to be) and they always innovate in some form or another.    

Now The Evil Within is going to hit our next-gen consoles on October 14th (no point in playing these games on current gen in my opinion) and our minds are ready to be dropped like acid into a survival horror experience that I simply don’t know if I’m ready for. Full disclosure – I’m a horror guy, I worked for horror sites reviewing horror games in the past, and NOTHING was scarier to me than Outlast. Nothing. Seriously. But this…

Will The Evil Within take the crown as the scariest game this year? Judging by this footage, yeah. 

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