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Road Not Taken is free on PS4 and it looks awesome

Competition is the absolute best thing a consumer could ever wish for. Look no further than MMA for proof of this. Arguably the two best eras in MMA were when the UFC has had serious competition with both Pride and Strikeforce. Same goes with video games, over the weekend I recently played NFL 2K5. A game that when it came out was revolutionary. Both for the way it was marketed and the game itself. The game was sold at $20, $30 less than the MSRP of a video game at the time. The game speaks for itself as it still holds up today. Not to mention that Madden that very same year was the best Madden up to that point.

Then we have the case of PSN and XBL. Both online services for two different gaming consoles. Sony was a step behind during the PS3 generation, they needed to close the gap. Their online service was a major selling point. One it was free, secondly they rolled out PS+ which was a monthly service. Although it gave users free games and discounts on games. Of course now we know that XBL countered that with their own free game service called Games for Gold.

This month on the PS4 there is a new indie game that’s free entitled Road Not Taken. Check it out, it looks pretty.

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