Prepare to Shout at Your Kinect – Xbox One Won’t Include a Headset

Even when Microsoft goes out of their way to reverse their bad decisions on the Xbox One, some new ones pop up and everyone’s head spins all over again. This time it is kind of a minor thing, until you consider the ramifications of the whole thing. The Xbox One will not come bundled with a headset.

If you’ve played a game online on Xbox Live you’ll know the Xbox Live Communicator pretty well, even if it isn’t the best quality device in the world. It’s just a cheap, one-ear headset that gets the job done and let’s you communicate with other weirdos online. It really can’t cost them too much to produce, either. So their decision to not include it with the Xbox One is kind of mind-boggling. There was some confusion over this whole thing before, but now it is official; the Xbox One will not include a headset.

Microsoft is just going to expect you to be happy with using the Kinect as a communication device, even if the original Kinect was a nightmare for those trying to use it to communicate online. If you’ve ever played a game online on Xbox Live and heard a weird echo of the game, that is someone with their Kinect on. It is awful. Welcome to the new Xbox experience!

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