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Pokken: The Tekken/Pokemon crossover you never asked for

Pokken: The Tekken/Pokemon crossover you never asked for

Pokemon is one of my favourite games. I am not ashamed to admit that. There is something about traveling around regions; battling mythical monsters of various shapes and sizes, while trying to catch them all that is just so goddamn appealing to me. In total, I have wasted hundreds of hours, spanning generations. From the days on Gameboy Colour to Gameboy Advanced, all the way to Nintendo 3DS.

While the remake of third generation games Ruby and Sapphire are around the corner, the Pokemon company revealed yet another new game to the franchise. And it’s not what you expect.

Yes. That’s right. A Pokemon and Tekken crossover.

Much like the time I have spent with Pokemon, I have wasted just as many hours with Tekken from back in the late 90s when I was a young one who did not know how to do Kazuya’s jumping uppercut (which is an absolute bitch to do, even now that I am twenty); to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So, combining the two, it seems that many more hours will be lost. I don’t know what the hell the Pokemon Company and Namco have been smoking. I want to know exactly how this came about, because I can’t think of anything. Who approached who? Who did what? And where the hell is my Tekken X Street Fighter, goddamn it?

The nicely named ‘Pokken Tournament’, is basically Tekken with Pokemon. In the short reveal video, Machamp and Lucario go at it for a couple of seconds, hitting each other with various moves from the Pokemon handheld games.

The sad news is, that if you are anywhere but Japan, you will not be able to play this yet. It comes out in arcades first, and consoles later. Once again, the sad news is: if you do not own a Wii U, you’re out of luck. And with the upcoming games for Wii U (okay, Super Smash Brothers), maybe you should invest in one…so you can play this weird ass game…or something. I dunno.


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