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PlayStation 4’s Launch Day is November 15th, Prepare Yourselves

The next generation of game consoles will be plodding its way into stores this fall, we’ve all known that for a while now, we just haven’t had any dates. We have had the month of November drilled into our collective skulls from the start, but of course, we’ve been dateless for quite a while now. Today’s gamescom event really seemed like the time to make for a big, concerted push for both Sony and Microsoft to give people a solid date for when they can blow their money on a shiny new console while staring at the barren list of launch games and just arbitrarily picking one before they go home and boot up the console.

Well, Sony has finally done something about this mysterious date stuff and given us a date, a real, honest to goodness date. The Sony PlayStation 4 will be launching on November 15th in North America, while you fine folks over in Europe will have to wait until the 29th to plop down your Euros on the PS4. It will be launching for $400, which is still $100 less than the Xbox One. Seeing as though the PS3 had awesome exclusives like Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Uncharted and The Last of Us, as well as some really great indie games like Flower and Journey, it might be a safe bet to say that the PS4 will be a good buy.

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