P.T. Gets the Minecraft Makeover Treatment

We’ve officially entered into the stage where literally everything that has ever existed will be remixed with the Guile theme, dubbed with Jim Ross or recreated in Minecraft. It’s just the way of the internet (thank you, Al Gore).

The latest victim of this is the demo for the new Silent Hill game P.T. Mysteriously P.T. showed up after the Tokyo game show on the PSN as a new demo. It was briefly mentioned at the press conference that they held there. Few details were released about this new game but being in the age of the internet (thank you again, Al Gore) fans quickly dug up that it’s the new Silent Hill game, with none other than Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro at the helm.

Of course before playing it and without the knowledge that Kojima and Del Toro were partaking in this game, I was skeptical. Big AAA horror games have been lackluster lately, with the best horror games taking place in the world of indie games. What transpired was fifteen of the most horrifying minutes I’ve experienced in gaming.

Fortunately the minecraft version is a little less terrifying.


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