Orchid in the new Killer Instinct will fill you with nostalgia

So, there’s this hardcore show that’s going on about 90 minutes or so away on Monday. I get out of work at seven so I’d miss maybe two bands if I decided to go. There aren’t any bands that I’m crazy about, sure there are some good bands but there aren’t any bands that I need to see. Truth be told, the real reason that I’m debating on going is because of this food truck that will be there. It’s a grilled cheese truck and as someone who isn’t a big fan of grilled cheese, it left me breathless. Although one can debate the fact that if a grilled cheese with mozzarella, pesto, a fried egg and bacon is still a grilled cheese but none the less, it tickles my fancy.

What I’m trying to say is the Xbox One is the hardcore show and Killer Instinct is the grilled cheese. I’ve always loved KI and I want to play the new one but would buying a system for one game be a smart idea? Would going to a hardcore show just for a grilled cheese be a good idea? Well I don’t have the answer to that, but I’ll let you know Monday night on whether I regret going or not going. For now, watch B. Orchid and learn her move set so you be pulling of Daigo like combos come launch.

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