Oh, ****! Quan Chi revealed for Mortal Kombat X

With each character reveal, I find myself growing more eager to whoop Jason’s ass at the next Mortal Kombat. He destroys me every time we play Injustice, because apparently that badass 45% damage Aquaman combo (don’t laugh, he’s the most overpowered dude in the game) doesn’t work online. Figures. Once MKX is out, and finds a home in the MiddleEasy office, don’t expect a lot of content for a few days. It will be empty cans of NOS energy drink littered around that old futon we found at a garage sale, and highly competitive matches that will result in a few of us announcing our departure from the site in exuberant fashion to each other at least a couple of times. Then Gary will come in, call everyone “a buncha bitches” and hand our asses to us. Such is the life of fighting games while working at MiddleEasy.

Today it was just announced that Quan Chi will be joining the roster for Netherrealm Studios’ next installment in the rebooted Mortal Kombat franchise. It’s also crazy how good that studio has become after they gave Mortal Kombat the Christopher Nolan treatment. Watch Quan Chi display his new fighting styles in the reveal trailer below:
Seriously. Who picks Kano?
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